Weekly Reflection


When reflecting on this past week, I have come to be even more grateful for the community I live in and the beautiful friends Jordan and I have. On Saturday, Jordan and I hosted our annual event where we overnight crawfish from Louisiana and cook them in the traditional crawfish boil fashion. Every year it has been a great hit and several friends claim it is their favorite event of the year and Jordan and I agree.

I also ran the Governor’s Cup 5k this week and was reminded of how fun and rewarding it is to run and finish a race. I will be signing up for a couple more 5ks and 10ks this year and this is my trick for staying motivated to have cardio workouts consistently. I enjoy switching up my cardio sessions and doing a mix of workouts to switch up muscle groups and refrain from pounding on my joints too often. I find that by doing the cardio that I enjoy, I still am prepared for 5k and 10k races. This includes strenuous hiking, cycling, vinyasa yoga and HIIT workouts I find on YouTube like these ones from Yoga By Candace and these from Tone It Up. This week I am also grateful for the friends that encourage me and join me on hikes and yoga sessions. Without these people, I would probably be on an elliptical machine giving minimal effort instead of hiking up the face of a mountain sweating my butt off.

weekly reflection 6.11 2

I hope this week brought you some smiles and laughter as it did for me.

Have a great week, everyone!


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