My Current Favorite Poetry

I am a lover of poetry. I am a lover of the dirty, gritty, beautiful, heartbreaking truths it conveys and the self-reflection it forces. Poetry speaks to my soul in a way that nothing else can. I will stop on a page of a book and either re-read the poem repeatedly or simply mark the page and quickly turn to the next because it makes me feel something uncomfortable. These books are my current favorites that I will pick up almost every night and thumb through the pages that I have marked. I swear I know some of these poems by heart…or maybe I know the feelings they evoke by heart..

The Anatomy of Being by Shingi Moon

This book is full of beautiful poems about love. Shingi has this flow about her words that reminds me of free association. My favorite poem in this collection that I will re-read over and over is “Why do you write poetry?” poetry 1

Spades by J. Raymond

Gritty, brash, honest and beautiful. I adore anything by J. Raymond. Many of his poems are about a woman, this woman is complex, intense and sometimes crazy and it is so easy for me to relate to. The poem that describes his work is “Women and Whiskey.”

poetry 2


Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

This book evokes such strong feelings I can’t even describe it without word vomiting about my childhood and history with men. This is the book that has poems that I relate to so violently that I can’t even open certain pages. This is a best-seller for a reason. My favorite poem from this book is on page 97. It may be my very favorite poem of the moment.

poetry 5

Rhythms and Roads by Victoria Erickson

On a lighter note, this book is full of positivity, enlightenment, sunshine and the desire to become a traveling hippie in an old VW van. I turn to this book when I am in need of some uplifting words. My favorite poem is on page 133.

poetry 3

What are your some of your favorites? I am always up for a new book of poetry to dive into. 



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